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In an everyday, growing market with millions of consumers and goods and hence competitors, Intellectual Property Consulting Services became a must to protect your business.


Trademarks, designs, patents, and copyright are all different forms of IP rights. The protection and defence of your intellectual property are therefore of central importance.


Why is intellectual property important for your business?

If we are going to talk about business assets they are categorized into two broad, physical assets and intangible assets. Physical assets like buildings, machines, and financial assets. Intangible assets are contributed to a company’s creative and innovative capacity, Intellectual property has a big share of the intangible assets and is the most valuable asset the company might own.


Owing IP rights allows companies to have a competitive edge and allow companies to optimize the usage of their assets. If you wish to protect your intangible assets and turn them into exclusive ones intellectual property consulting services must be your first destination as it prevents your competitors from taking advantage of them and will keep an eye on them too also IP can have a financial gain by selling it too.


As a business owner, you need to know that your profit will be directly affected by IP rights, Although intellectual property rights are not a physical asset your company’s value may virally increase overnight due to the acquisition of a patent. A trademark with a well-known reputation will expand the market share and the company revenue where IP rights become an investment itself.


IP rights will provide you with the sole power to decide how your work will be distributed and to whom. owing a  trademark will create a good reputation in the market and enhance the consumer base. If you are thinking about enhancing the financial situation of your Baianat intellectual property must be the first choice for your intellectual property consulting services.


About intellectual property Consulting Services :

Although intellectual property is a clear asset of any organization it doesn’t show up on a balance sheet or has an agreed-to value, like cash-on-hand, receivables, inventory, and real estate. Determining the value of their patents and other intellectual property can help in the development and implementation of a strategy to optimize and monetize those assets.


intellectual property work on a large scale with several businesses, and universities that need an independent analysis of their IP portfolios and contribution to the development and execution of an IP assets strategy and IP lifecycle system. Which IP asset should be sold Or licensed? Which have no value, and so should be abandoned? What IP strengthens the overall IP portfolio? All of these questions should give you the overall vision and strategy for your IP rights.


Intellectual property consulting Services :

  • IP Strategy Recommendations and Implementation Plans
  • Assessment of IP Assets and Valuation
  • Patent Evaluation and Valuation
  • Prioritize IP Assets
  • Develop Action Plan for Transactions
  • IP Transaction Services and Support
  • Brokerage – Selling and Acquisition
  • Patent and Technology Licensing
  • M&A and Equity Investment Diligence
  • Arbitration, Negotiation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Patent searches and other patent services

IP Strategy Lifecycle:

  • Assessment of IP plans and strategies
  • Provide IP Strategy for the whole lifecycle of intellectual property.
  • Review R&D Strategy of the Company
  • Coordinate and Align with IP Strategy
  • Define SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Develop Strategic and Tactical IP Strategy
  • Patent, Technology Know How, or Other
  • Protective, Offensive, and Defensive
  • Efficient IP Portfolio Management
  • Improve ROI: Cost Center to Profit Center
  • Recommend/Develop IP Action Plans
  • Implement an IP Management System
  • Patent Invention Strategy
  • Transaction monetization plan
  • Patent acquisition and sales  plan
  • Patent and technology licensing strategy
  •  Establish an Implementation Plan and Finalize Actions throughout the Organization.

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IP Portfolio Management

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consulting and intellectual property:

In the following, we will provide you with more information about Intellectual property consulting Services and their arrangements and the areas of overlapping obligation, and the raising responsibilities when undertaking consulting work.


  1. Scope of Work:

Clear work scope will let you avoid overlapping between intellectual prosperity and other research obligations and should be limited to the specific work to be performed.


  1. Intellectual Property:

Consulting agreements that make sure that the company owns the IP developed by the consultant.


  1. Confidentiality:

The consultant must have access to all proprietary information that the consultant must keep confidential.


  1.  Exclusivity:

There may be provisions that restrict the consultant from providing advice or working with other companies.


  1. Liability and Indemnification:

The company is not under the control of the consultant over the advice or services he provides. The company should compensate the consultant for any third-party claims or actions related to the consulting services.


Intellectual property Consulting Services and  law:

companies should have a complete strategy for managing their intellectual property in KSA and overcoming the risk of IP infringement. Most rights must be documented in Saudi Arabia, under local laws, in order to be enforced.


Recently Saudi Arabia adopted the unified Gulf Cooperation Council Trademark Law and is also a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council Patent Law and Customs Law, all of these aid in harmonizing IP practices in KSA.


Companies must understand that IP  is a private right and that the government can’t claim rights on private individuals in Saudi Arabia. the rights holders are responsible to register, protect, and retain their own counsel and advisors.  Companies need advice from local lawyers or IP consultants who are specialists in KSA IP laws and intellectual property Consulting Services.  firms should work through their local law enterprise or IP agent to protect their rights as possible.


your IP rights should be clearly discussed with your partner.  As you will face the risk that your partner list himself as the IP owner if you Permit him to register your IP rights later on you will fail to transfer the rights when the partnership end. companies should understand how important to work with organizations to protect their IP rights and eliminate counterfeiting. 


Saudi Arabia established the “SAIP” (Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property) to organize all the different IP divisions in one place and to lead an intellectual property national strategy that includes updated rules on time and in a high-quality manner, therefore raising stakeholders’ IP awareness and improve coordination between IP enforcement and the other departments.

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Trademark Registration Services

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Importance of intellectual property consultants:

Baianat focuses on intellectual property valuations and expert evidence. We provide the IP community with a comprehensive way of calculating and communicating the financial impact of trademarks, copyrights, patents, products, and intangible assets.


To the IP plaintiffs, we provide proof of professional damage that combines our online knowledge with analytics tools of social media with acceptable methods and short stories. For C-level managers and Internal Counseling, we offer IP balances and portfolio strategies with a focus on linking IP to financial performance and using IP to maximize profits.

Best firm for intellectual property consulting services in Saudi Arabia:

If you need intellectual property consulting services that assist in developing and executing an IP strategy that will help your organization optimize its IP assets, or you need to value a patent Baianat will be a perfect choice.


Our team analyzes all trademark operations in the MENA region through professional staff who do not miss any opposition deadlines and are able to move quickly against any infringement that your intellectual property might risk. Your intellectual property rights deserve the best protection; so that you can rely on our team to provide the necessary information on time.


Hire Baianat for your intellectual property consulting services. Get the advantage of our free, quick, comfortable & efficient consultation.

  • Experienced Baianat in +17 country
  • Competitive prices with zero hidden fees
  • 1000+ happy clients & many testimonials
  • Unlimited support throughout the process
  • Personal account manager dedicated to your success


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