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A music copyright lawyer is a consultant who assists musical creators in obtaining their intellectual property rights. The musical creator can obtain a variety of services from Baianat Ip, including:

  • Registration of copyright claims.
  • Registration of a patent.
  • Registration of intellectual property rights.
  • Intellectual property statutory services.
  • Trade issues.
  • Intellectual property and Copyright of trademarks.
  • Trademark and copyright infringement issues.

Who is the music copyright lawyer ?

A specialised advocate could assist music authors in protecting their creative works through legal issues, as well as be a specialist in the complexities of music law involved in the music industry.

The musical author can find professionals who are well-trained according to Saudi Arabia’s guidelines at Baianat.

Music copyright lawyer Will help in

1-  Intellectual property statutory services

A music copyright lawyer is needed. The musician author has possession of his creative work and when going to sell this work, this has to go through specific terms according to the music law.

The musical originator thinks about protecting his creation. This will need specific terms where the attorney will assist in step with the complex music law and according to Saudi Arabia guidelines, which need a professional attorney.

2- Recording contracts

This is a vital step for the musician, and there will be more phrases that need to be defined well by a specialised advocate in Baianat Ip.

3- Broadcasting license and rights

A broadcast licence is needed for the copyrighted written work of the musician to be shown to the audience, and this licence needs an expert lawyer who knows deeply about the licence requirements in Saudi Arabia and in line with the music legislation.

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Do music copyright lawyer know about copyright 

A music copyright lawyer is a professional advocate in copyright phrases of musical originators’ needs in Saudi Arabia.

What is copyright

It is a set of rights that are time-limited to protect the one creative work of an author.


History of copyright law

It evolved from two laws in the fifth century: English common law and statutory law. It begins with the protection of the reproduction of written works. That was for the printers, then extended to the authors.

A statute related to copyright appeared in England for the written creative works, so a statute related to copyright appeared regarding authors’ rights to control the human creative works’ reproduction after publishing. In the nineteenth century, most European countries were doing this.

Musical compositions were included in copyright protection in the eighteenth century, and in the twenty-first century, while the technology of communication was growing, the creative author received copyright protection for his creative work once it was recorded in a physical expression.

Copyright means the creative invention is an original one, and where copyright is established, it gives a granted prerogative to the musical author to make copies of the work for publishing or sale.


Music copyright lawyer and music copyright 

A Music copyright lawyer is a well-trained attorney who can deal with the terms of music copyright according to Saudi Arabia guidelines and can register the music copyright claims with Saudi specifications.

Music copyright

It is a matter of rights to grant the musical creative work to originators or those who will own the rights (recording or publishing companies) to protect this work.

Creative musical compositions are protected through copyright, and this is done when the first work is fixed in a physical expression.

Copyright permits the musical originator’s work to be published and sold by the creator or by anyone who has the rights.

The copyright gives the authorization for the musical creator to control the reproduction of his musical work, including receiving remission for that production

Music copyright includes :

Copyright for the creative musical work’s sound recording, copyright for the song lyrics, and copyright in the music created from these.

Music copyright types

1-Musical compositions copyright where it will be held by the publisher.

2-Master copyright for the recording of a certain sound that expresses the musical compositions of the work by the originator who is holding the copyright.

Music copyright law

The work should be original.

2-Court law for infringement of the musical work.

3-Law for master recording.

4-Law about compositions.

5-Copyrights duration

A music copyright lawyer is a knowledgeable advocate who can educate the musician on music copyright law and terminology.

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types of ip rights

Copyright affords these rights

gives the copyright holder or originator of the music exclusive:

1-Reproduction and copy of music creation

2-New work derivative

3-Distribution of work to the public

4-Performance of work publicly

5-Displaying of work publicly

Copyright attorney and musician rights

musician rights

When the originator wishes to distribute the music work on CD or the internet, reproduction rights are required.

2-Presentation and transmission rights are for the musician when putting the music work on the web, broadcasting on TV or radio, or playing the song live.

3-Rights needed when modification will be done.

4-Moral rights are about a musician’s personality protection and are about writing the musical originator on the music work and controlling any modification that can disintegrate his creative work.

A music copyright lawyer could help the musical author identify and recognise his rights with Saudi legalisation.

music copyright lawyer and infringement

This is about any violation of music copyright rights, whether intentional, such as the auditorium, or unintentional, which is not a crime.

A criminal charge will be filed for unauthorised copying of musical creative work, so you will need a music copyright lawyer who is well-trained to accommodate these situations.

Music copyright attorney and music publishing rights

This is a list of musical copyright rights that are more widely recognised in the music industry.

Types of publishing revenue :

1-Publishing administration agreement


3-Full publishing

A music copyright lawyer is a well-trained one to identify the music about these rights involved in the music industry.

The musical originators could find variegated services with music copyright lawyers to help and achieve their goals in different ways, even for consultation and knowledge of rights.

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