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What are you doing in a world that is about to run out of privacy, where anything can be stolen, even your thoughts, do hiring intellectual property companies enough to save you?


For Your house, company, or even your car, You can hire a security officer to protect them from being robbed, but what about your thoughts, your creations, and your fantasies, it’s weird to hire a police officer to protect them, but instead you can hire one of the intellectual property companies.


This was a bit strange until the 1990s when it was marked by the development of technology, particularly ICT, which caused the rapid development of intellectual property.


What is intellectual property ?

Intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind of inventions and works of literature and art designs, logos, names and images, etc used in trade. The intellectual property aims to achieve a balance between the interests of innovators and those of the general public, the IP system aims to develop an environment that helps imagination and innovation ornamentation. 


Yet before the intellectual property companies the first appearance of intellectual property, according to popular belief, was linked to the creation of typographical letters and printers in 1440 by the inventor Johannes Gutenberg, this invention played an important role in the widespread of books and printed works. It became more accessible for people to publish books whether they were written or written by others, which made many authors think in a way that protects their rights from being lost and to benefit materially from them, so the idea of copyright in its limited sense.

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worldwide trademark watch service

worldwide trademark watch service

worldwide trademark watch service from baianat Intellectual Property company

Types of intellectual property protection :

Inventors can protect their ideas or products, By using copyright, trademark, trade secrets, or patent rights. The purpose is to prevent others from taking unfair advantage of their inventions.


Copyright :

Copyright is a legal term that describes the rights of creators to their literary and artistic works.

Copyrighted works include many kinds of stuff like literary works such as novels, books, music, artistic works such as paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, films, software, computer programs, databases, technical drawings, advertisements, and maps.


Expression not ideas can only be protected by copyrights as so for procedures, methods of operation, mathematical concepts, titles, slogans, or logos.


Patent :

The patent is an exclusive right given To inventions. In general, innocence guarantees the right to decide whether or how others can use the invention.

The patent holder provides the public with technical information on the invention in the published patent document in return for this right.


The patent owner has the right to prevent or stop others from commercially exploiting, using, distributing, selling, or importing the invention, this protection is granted for bout 20 years.

Trademarks protection :

Trademark rights are capable of signifying the goods or services of one corporation from those of another and determining it by the power of law, a trademark owner could be an individual, legal entity, or even a business organization. Your trademark could be on a label, the product itself, or the package.


trademark prevents anyone else from using your goods or services without your permission. Trademarks can be bought, or sold, and also can be licensed to other entities.

trademarks do not expire, Which means that the trademark holder has the right to the trademark for the life of the product or service from the moment you fill the application through intellectual property companies.

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Trademark Registration Services


Baianat Intellectual Property company

Baianat Intellectual Property company


Industrial Designs :

the ornamental aspect of an article is what is called industrial design in the legal sense, it may include three or two-dimensional features like lines or patterns. has the right to prevent third parties from making, embodying a design, selling, or importing articles of the protected design.


Packages, containers, furnishing, household goods, lighting equipment, jewelry, electronic devices, graphical user interfaces (GUI), and logos, are products that can be protected by industrial design rights.


Geographical Indications :

GI or geographic indications rights are used on products that have a specific geographic origin or possess a reputation that is due to that origin and should be essentially due to the place of origin as there is a direct link between the quality of the product and its place of origin. Its generally used for farming products, wine, soda drinks and foodstuffs, handicrafts, and industrial products.


The geographical indication owner has the right to prevent any other entity from using his name if he is not using the same applicable standards as him and at the same time prevent someone from making a product using the same techniques.


Trade Secrets :

the confidential information or commercially valuable information that provides an enterprise a competitive edge that may be sold or licensed can be protected by trade secret rights.


Technological information, such as manufacturing processes, pharmaceutical test data, computer designs, and commercial information, such as distribution, suppliers, clients, and strategies.


However, trade secret owners can’t prevent other competitors who developed such information independently through their own R&D or market search and analysis and so on.


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Why is intellectual property important to business ?

Intellectual property companies can offer your business a complete secure frame where it could be more competitive and able to manage IP-related risks.


Intellectual property companies can offer you a wide variety of services that can help you manage your business:

  • Protect innovative products and services.
  • Increase the visibility, and value of your products in the market.
  • Distinguish your business and its products.
  • Access technical and business information and knowledge. Avoid the risk of anonymous using the content, your own valuable information, innovations, or creative output.


Intellectual property laws and intellectual property companies :

Saudi Arabia has an advanced modern Intellectual Property law system that incorporates patents, copyright, and trademarks. The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (“SAIP”) is the entity in charge of managing and promoting property ownership in the State of Saudi Arabia according to international best practices. It is also home to various intellectual property companies available to protect intellectual property rights.


Saudi Arabia is a member of the non-profit organization of the United Nations WIPO “World Intellectual Property Organization” It is also part of a number of relevant international agreements, including the Berne Convention of 1886 revised in Paris on 24 July 1971, for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (which includes copyright) and the Paris Agreement for the Protection of Industrial Property.


Previously, the three spheres of government were responsible for protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights where: the Department of Trade and Industry of Trademarks, the Department of Culture and Copyright Information, and the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology patents. All this power has now been transferred to the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP). 

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Types of intellectual property rights

Best intellectual property companies in Saudi Arabia :

As one of the best intellectual property companies, we help our clients defend their business and intellectual property. The diverse services we supply have a way of focusing on the objectives of maintaining our reputation as the leading IP company in the regional markets, ensuring the delivery of vast Intelligent services, we seek to develop deep, reliable relationships to produce amazing results.


Our goal is to work with the most talented and flexible people who play the most important role in the future of Intellectual Property. As an IP company, we understand that in today’s growing global economy companies are unable to adopt management guidelines for intellectual property that why they should hire intellectual property companies.

Baianat intellectual property services

As  one of the best intellectual property companies in Saudi Arabia, Banat provides its clients with a variety of services including:

  • Official Documents.
  • Filing particulars.
  • Patent Specifications.
  • Contracts and Agreements.
  • Court decisions and pleadings.


Take benefit of quick, comfortable & efficient process by hiring our intellectual prosperity company.


  • Experienced Baianat in +17 country.
  • Competitive prices with zero hidden fees.
  • 1000+ happy clients & many testimonials.
  • Unlimited support throughout the process.
  • Personal account manager dedicated to your success.


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