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Your brand name, products name, Slogan, and even your logo each of which could be a trademark. So would you ever wonder about the trademark and trademark registration services?

What is a trademark in intellectual property?

Intellectual property has too many forms one of them is a trademark which is a sign capable of distinguishing or denoting the goods or services of one enterprise from those of another and legally differentiates it, a trademark owner could be an individual, legal entity, or even a business organization. Your trademark could be on a label, voucher, product itself, or your product package.

trademarks do not expire, Which means that the trademark holder has the right to the trademark for the life of the product or service. and the holder must regularly use it, and this could be achieved by manufacturing, marketing, and selling a product with a particular trademark in order to take advantage of trademark laws and receive the associated protection with the trademark. 

Using a trademark prevents anyone else from using your goods or services without your permission. This means that no business can use a symbol or name if it looks similar or has the same meaning as another that already have a trademark. For instance, a fast food company can’t legally use a symbol that looks like that of Macdonalds and it can’t use a name that sounds like it.

The brand owner doesn’t have to register it to give the enterprise all the protection rights and they can be identified with the symbol which demonstrates that they are using common law to protect their interests.

Trademarks can be bought, or sold, and also can be licensed to other entities for an agreed-upon time or under specific requirements, which can result in crossover brands. Trademarks are also used as an effective way to market brand names and the use of brands in marketing is legendary.

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History of trademark :

The first law for the trademark was passed in 1266 under Henry III, Where all bakers had to use a distinctive mark for the bread they sell there the first trademark laws came to life in the late 19th century, and the first comprehensive trademark system in the world was passed into law in 1857 in France.

The Trade Marks system changed in the UK in 1938, permitting registration based on “intent-to-use”, creating an examination-based process, and application publication system, which served as a model for similar legislation everywhere.

There are some symbols to be used by the owner of the trademarks to indicate trademarks like (the trademark) and ® (the registered trademark).

Trademark vs. Patent vs. Copyright

There are distinct differences between trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Patents offer the right of creation, designing, and processing full exposure of the invention the design and the process must be done by the inventor through the USPTO which gives him full protection over the invention for a specific period of time usually 20 years

Anybody else can then use the invention by producing, marketing, and selling it after the expiration date. This is well known in the pharmaceutical industry where the company that patents a drug has exclusive rights to it until its expiration date later any company can make use of it.

For the copyright, it gives the owner of intellectual prosperity the full rights so he could legally copy it and he can exclusively reproduce it for monetary again for a specific time.

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Why should you register your trademark?

Once you have registered your own trademark your brand becomes completely secure where no one else can use it, It also will help the consumer to identify your brand products or services. It will also help you to deal with the growing number of infringers and counterfeiters who may try to take advantage of your unregistered trademark by calling it theirs and registering it in their name, thus leaving you in a position where you can no longer grow your business. , or use your brand.

Trademark registration services in Saudi Arabia :

Our team of experts in Baianatip one of the best agencies for Intellectual Property and trademark registration services provides you with a smooth experience and gets the job done as comfortable and easy as it could be without any complications. The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has established a new service of trademark registration online to Grant the competence of trademark registration services that also can be registered remotely without using any paperwork. 

The primary steps of the trademark registration services process :

  • Pre-filing trademark research :

In the first step of trademark registration services, you need to be certain that your trademark is unique and you can only achieve this by launching a comprehensive search for a similar trademark in the trademark registry as your trademark might be registered already by a different enterprise, and don’t worry its completely free.

  • Filing an application :

Once the research is complete and no similar trademarks are found the registration application is submitted to the competent department in Saudi authority for the IT (SAIP) Ministry of Commerce online and this step is also for a fee. From then the auditor reviews the validity of the documents and the available priority file.

  • Examination :

This step aims for registration in accordance with the trademark registration requirements and conditions in Saudi Arabia where the auditor transfers it to the examiner who examines the application within 60 days and all of this is achieved under the umbrella of the GCC trademark system.

  • Publication :

The qualified department publishes the registration in agreement with the appropriate procedures set out in the Executive Regulations of Saudi Arabia’s trademark law for payment. After the inspector’s permission.

  • Certificate Of Registration :

Congratulation, You have achieved the final stage of trademark registration services where you can now acquire the registration certificate of the trademark which includes:

  • Serial number.
  • Date of the application.
  • Date of registration.
  • Name of the owner, or the enterprise if present.
  • Place of domicile and nationality.
  • Copy of the trademark.
  • Complete details about the products or services.
  • The class it is registered under.
  • The effective date of the trademark protection period is which is about 10 years.

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Who can File a trademark in Saudi Arabia?

Anybody or entity who owns a factory or a product, a craftsman or trader, or owner of a private service project, foreigners residing in any of the GCC states ‘’Gulf Cooperation Council’’, and who is licensed to engage in any activities relating to trade, industry, craft, or service. Or foreigners who are nationals of a country that is a member of an international multilateral treaty.

Best trademark registration services in Saudi Arabia :

Baianat Intellectual Property is one of the best trademark registration services agencies and has a rich history of specialization in Intellectual Property since 1964. Our team analyzes all trademark-filling activities in the MENA region through our professional staff and their ongoing trademark monitoring so that they do not miss any deadlines for opposition and are able to move quickly against any attempt that violates your intellectual property. Your intellectual property rights deserve the best protection; you can rely on our team to provide the necessary information on time; Our watch notification services eliminate the risk of loss of revenue due to trademark infringement or illegal third-party registration.

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