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Gaining a more competitive edge and efficiency among your business is not a big deal you just need to more about IP Portfolio Management.

Over the last 20 years, the value of intellectual property (IP) assets has increased and so as for the risk of infringements even unintentionally as a business owner you should be fully aware of IP rights and assets so you could enforce and push your business to a next new level.

Before getting deeper into IP portfolio management, you first need to know more about the intellectual property itself and its forms.

What is the intellectual property ‘’IP’’?

Your business can compete in a better way and become guarded against IP risk with just a little understanding of intellectual property rights. intellectual property (IP) encourages creators to produce the solutions for the problems we face. 

Millions and millions of consumers are taking a part in a global marketplace. wherever they are they still can reach each other and goods with a simple click of the mouse. Even the Smallest businesses are enjoying a real opportunity to engage and participate in this ever-enlarging market which made the competition more intense and the risk of Infringement increases.

IP system seems to be a huge basket of different rights created and protected by the hands of law where law spells out what these rights are, it acquires rights over new ideas, products, processes, information, materials, designs, and business signs.

 Forms of intellectual property protection :

  1. Copyright
  2. Patent
  3. Trademark
  4. Industrial Designs
  5. Geographical Indications
  6. Trade Secrets

 What is IP portfolio management ?

The collection of IP rights is what is called the IP portfolio in order to protect them which in turn involves various procedures and protections. IP portfolio management is soo important and crucial for several reasons:

  • How quickly technology is developed.
  • The increasingly competitive and spread of the technology arena.
  • The sheer volume of patent information.

There are many tools for IP portfolio management and they have worked in the business world such as:

  • Analyze and acquire data.
  • Set up a database to collect and save information.
  • Effective communication connecting teams, legal, business, and technical ones.
  • Program management methodologies.

Coupling these tools with continuous improvement can enable you to create a standard IP Portfolio Management system that will give you predicted outcomes and balanced risk.

About IP Portfolio Management :

intellectual property rights are enjoying the same importance and value as the physical assets for companies and individuals too. Those rights have so many different forms:


  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Trade secrets
  • Copyrights
  • Brands
  • Goodwill

Business with a multitude of IP rights creates the need of managing and organize them through an advanced IP Portfolio Management system in order to maximize their value. Some other companies construct an IP portfolio for just one product. Intellectual property Firms can perform IP Portfolio Management which includes:


  • Copyrights for marketing materials.
  • Trademarks for the business name and logo.
  • Patent for product protection.

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IP portfolio example :

1.    Collateral Portfolio :

It includes all rights, titles, and interest (whether now owned, acquired, or subsequently emerging, wherever it exists) to the borrower in all borrower’s assets. copyright, copyright licenses, equipment, installations, contract rights or intangible assets Public instruments, certificates of deposit, certified securities, unopposed securities, financial assets, and securities entitlements.


2.    Investment Portfolio :

Includes invested assets like cash and cash equivalents, short-term investments, bonds or other fixed income securities, and equity investments.


3.    Reference Portfolio :

Includes the notional portfolio, low-cost, passive portfolio and it’s made up of reference assets.


4.    Secondary Strategy Portfolio :

Account managed by the investment manager, any oddities to it shall be approved by the board of directors.

The Value of IP Portfolio Management :

IP portfolio management can give you extra benefits. People who are running businesses know exactly how it’s so important to maximize their ROI “Return on investment” which includes Equipment and employees and even the product or services they sell. Even though intellectual property remains a very important asset that can’t be neglected including intangible knowledge which could make your business worthwhile.

IP portfolio management is so important while running your business as it is going to be so valuable to have a competitive and strong IP portfolio and will protect your business from fragmentation, It can bring you lots of advantages:


  1. Find new ways of making your company stand out from competitors as it will stop your competitors from coming into your valuable commercial space.
  2. Gives you a competitive edge which makes your profit increase if investors aimed to buy IP rights linked to your entity.
  3. Increasing your market value which going to make investors knocking your door as they will understand that your business has its own exclusive and private commercial space
  4. Expanding investment and partnership opportunities.

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Building an IP portfolio management system :

Companies need to think carefully and consider initiating an IP portfolio management system especially if they have various IP assets as it’s a vital and crucial part of their commercial success where they can protect their rights in a cost-effective manner.

  1. Identify your business goals.
  2. Running  SWOT analysis of your IP and your competitors too.
  3. Know your point of strength and your unique selling points
  4. Focus on commercial values that your firm delivers as a good strategy to drive high revenue
  5. Understand IP’s ‘attractive’ and ‘defensive’ abilities
  6. Protect your ownership by IP ownership agreement firmly in place from the start especially during collaborating with third parties, subcontractors, or consultants.
  7. Create a business-focused innovation committee.
  8. Keep a firm eye on competitors where advanced IP management systems will prevent your competitors from focusing too narrowly on your enterprise
  9. Set a budget
  10. Monetize your IP portfolio you will be in a better place to leverage your IP portfolio for commercial success, whether as a legal stick or for marketing purposes.

Why could Baianat be your first destination while developing an IP portfolio management system?

As an IP firm, we understand that in today’s expanding global economy, companies cannot afford to take a passive approach to manage their intellectual property so If you need help with IP portfolio management, you can contact us,  no matter what you need we have got it.

The clients choose Baianat IP as we have a rich history in Intellectual Property since 1964. We focus to do exceptional work for fair compensation, and on a constantly new way to optimize our workflow to help expand opportunities more.

Our philosophy is to offer you a unique value proposition, Our experts who have long-timed experience and specialize in intellectual property and complex litigation are holding law degrees from well-known universities. Our employees received +1 year of training to ensure that they are up to the level required to full fill your needs.

As a results-oriented firm, we work closely with you to develop a focused plan for your IP portfolio management that will protect your intellectual property rights.

Hire Baianat for your IP Portfolio management services. Get the advantage of our quick, comfortable & efficient process.

  • Experienced Baianat in +17 country
  • Competitive prices with zero hidden fees
  • 1000+ happy clients & many testimonials
  • Unlimited support throughout the process
  • Personal account manager dedicated to your success


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