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Our History

We didn’t start under the name “Baianat”… But the first beginning of our success journey was back in 1964.

Dr Saud Mohammed Ali Al-Shawaf Office

In 1964, Dr Saud Mohammed Ali Al-Shawaf established his legal office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to provide all commercial legal services, and thanks to hard work and insistence on success and excellence, and providing the best level of service and consultation in the Kingdom, the office won wide fame and good reputation in the field of commercial legal advice.

Within a few years, the services provided by the office on commercial issues diversified, to include intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and various commercial issues, and In return for these service expansions and the continuous flow of customers because of the good professional reputation, it was necessary to polarize more experts to maintain our professional progress.

SMAS Intellectual Property

We relied on the most skilled lawyers and legal consultants to refine our professional experience, and the office turned into a legal group under the name of SMAS Intellectual Property Company, and the group was able to follow the growth that we started in the sixties, and our network continued to grow until SMAS became one of the most important legal agencies referred to in the Kingdom and the Middle East as well.

Because we decided in our journey that success and excellence become our allies, Dr Saud Al-Shawaf and the master Mr Nawaf Al-Mutairi (the current manager of the company) decided to expand by establishing several branches of the company in neighbouring countries, in the Middle East and North Africa, to meet the requirements of our customers, and the proliferation phase that the two commanders intended has already begun, and we were able to employ the most skilled lawyers and consultants in our new branches and develop their knowledge before starting work.

Finally. Baianat Intellectual Property

Baianat is an extension of SMAS Company, as it included all the founding expertise of SMAS to be a clear development of the company under the leadership of Prof. Dr Saud Al-Shawaf, Mr Nawaf Al-Mutairi and Sheikh Ayyad Al-Otaibi.

When the moment came to start, Baianat Intellectual Property Company was established, a sister company to SMAS Company to work on a local and international basis in a specialized manner, so we adopted the name “Baianat Intellectual Property” and several branches of our parent company were registered in the Kingdom, and soon it was welcomed by all customers, thanks to our practical and scientific experience that we have dedicated to serving you and sharing your success.

Now our customers exceed 7000 distinguished customers from individuals, companies and commercial institutions with various activities, and our experience extended to various activities, and we are taking the early stages with them of their projects, sketching out their ideas, and building their ambitions on the ground, and guarantee all their commercial and legal rights related to intellectual property in all its forms.
We still continue to support our clients with everything they are looking for in the field of intellectual property services.

Our Mission:
Assisting our clients in protecting and securing their businesses and their tangible and intangible assets, raising awareness of intellectual property concepts and establishing the importance of its role in protecting all rights.

Our Vision:
The individuality of high-quality professional standards for competitive fees worldwide.

Our Objectives:
To be proactive success partners with a level of service that exceeds your expectations.

Our Core Values

Since our early beginnings, we have been following the best rational values in all our dealings to simplify the legal culture and provide the most accurate and proven valuable advice and services to our customers in various countries of the world, and these values have contributed to organizing the business unit within our parent company and its branches as well and achieving success and exclusivity with the confidence of our customers, and our core values are as follows:

Our focus is on understanding our clients’ requirements, ambitions and goals for their businesses, so we take care of every detail that our clients dictate to us about their projects so that we can support them with the best services and take proactive steps to ensure that these goals are achieved.
Our experience has exceeded the barrier of fifty years, and we are unique in our successful strategies to support various works professionally in accuracy and speed.
Transparency is one of the most important values that have enhanced the confidence of our customers in our services, as we care about their participation in adopting and approving the business strategy, and following up on all developments while adhering to the standards that have been agreed upon without any change.
We always strive for excellence in various aspects, whether at the service level, business plan, or legal advice, as we believe that knowledge is a treasure that must be searched for, and excellence is its closest and most important fruit to obtain the satisfaction of our customers around the world.
We always strive to honor all employees within our company and appreciate and respect the role of each individual as a key driver to achieving our goals.
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