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We deliver expertise you can trust.

Our lawyers work together in an integrated unit to enhance our capabilities to respond to legal and commercial developments, and the requirements of the renewed market, apply our expertise accurately and decisively and provide optimal integrated solutions that support our client’s successes.

Baianat Intellectual Property Company includes six main divisions: Literary property, Patents, Trademarks, Legal Affairs, public relations, Marketing and development, through which we provide our customers with all services related to intellectual property, whether legally in terms of registering and protecting rights or commercially.

Baianat team puts the interest of the client first place. Hence, they do their best to understand the customer’s needs and then search for the best solutions and practical purposeful strategies. On the other hand, they believe in the effectiveness of cooperation and integration in light of the continuous knowledge to refine their expertise and technical skills, so we are proud of a team with experience and rich history in the field of intellectual property.

Among our most important human cadres in Baianat for intellectual property:

Partners and Board Members .

Mr/ Saud Al-Shawaf

Founder of Baianat Intellectual Property Company

Prof. Saud Al-Shawaf remains a legal icon referred to in the KSA and various countries of the Middle East, and his experience in the field of legal and commercial advice and the fields of intellectual property protection extends to more than six decades, during which he has achieved fruitful successes in various fields.

Dr Al-Shawaf started his career as a lawyer after obtaining a law degree, and then launched SMAS Office, which became in a short period of time one of the most famous law firms in the Kingdom, and then directed his attention to intellectual property issues through Baianat Company, in line with the economic development in the Middle East, and he has effectively contributed to enriching awareness of intellectual and industrial property rights.

Sheikh / Ayyad Al-Otaibi

Sheikh Ayyad Al-Otaibi’s experience exceeded fifty years in the field of legal advice, arbitration and company establishment, which made his joining Baianat a strong addition to the company’s record, as his practical experience included various commercial fields and the Sheikh also headed a large number of giant companies and commercial institutions inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Otaibi holds a bachelor’s degree in law from King Saud University, in addition to obtaining many scientific degrees in the field of law from other countries such as the USA, Egypt and others, and he began his career by establishing Ayyad Al-Otaibi Office, which quickly became one of the most famous law firms and legal consultations in Saudi Arabia.

Mr Nawaf Al-Mutairi

Mr Nawaf Al-Mutairi began his career in 1988, as he was an employee in the General Administration of Supply at the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, then moved to the Ministry’s Trademark Department in 1998 to become its General Manager after two years of his transfer and remains in this position for four years in a row.

After this, he moved to the Department of the Office for the adjudicate of Commercial Papers Disputes For a year and a half then returned as Director of Trademarks from 2006 until he retired from government work in 2014, where he came out with a record of professional and scientific achievements as well.

Mr Al-Mutairi was hell-bent to complete his professional career and moved to work in the private sector at SMAS Intellectual Property from 2014-2020. He assumed the position of Director of the Trademark Department thanks to his extensive experience in the field of examination and registration of marks, and by 2020 Al-Mutairi moved to Baianat intellectual property company and assumed the position of General Manager of the company and has continued to occupy it to this day so that his achievements remain in continuous succession to serve various fields of intellectual property.

Eng. Adel Ayad Al-Otaibi

Eng. Adel Al-Otaibi holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from King Saud bin Abdulaziz University and has obtained many scientific certificates such as the PMP certificate for operations and quality management, in addition to holding several consulting positions such as process development and automation consultant, and he winning membership of the board of directors of several companies, and Al-Otaibi has established and managed many companies in different sectors such as programming, contracting, real estate, technical consulting and others.

Mr Ahmed Ayad Al-Otaibi


Ahmed Al-Otaibi holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from King Faisal University, and he also obtained many scientific certificates such as PMP and strategic planning, in addition to this, he has established and managed many companies in various sectors such as education, health, contracting, mining, environmental services, real estate, training and consulting inside and outside the Kingdom, in addition to chairing a number of boards of directors of companies such as Imtiaz Investment Holding Company, Al-Otaibi have worked as an administrative and strategic consultant and certified trainer at the Saudi Ministry of Commerce.

Heads of Departments & Board Members.

Mr Faisal Al-Mutairi

Head of Trademark Department

Mr Faisal Al-Mutairi supervises the Trademark Section, starting with reporting, archiving, filing manual applications, commercial fraud complaints and other tasks related to trademarks and industrial property for individuals, companies and institutions, thanks to his extensive experience in the field of industrial intellectual property.

Mr AlSir Abd. Al-Karim

Trademarks Section

Mr AlSir Abd. Al-Karim’s experience has extended for more than twenty-five years in the field of trademark registration and management, as he is entrusted with supervising research and developing strategies for desired markets and regions, and he is also responsible for completing trademark registration procedures inside and outside the Kingdom, in addition to following up on publication, renewal procedures, registration of changes and other legal tasks for trademarks.

Mr Abd-Hafeez Ali

Patent Section

Mr Abdul Hafeez Ali is currently a consultant for the Patent Department thanks to his accumulated experience over thirty years in the field of intellectual property rights, in addition to his resounding success in managing many previous projects such as Bayer, Exxon and others projects, and his tasks are summarized in supervising the registration and follow-up processes for patents, in addition to his surveillance role in defending the industrial property rights of customers and developing effective strategies to benefit from patents.

Mrs Enas Said Suleiman

Mrs Enas Said has a great deal of experience in the field of intellectual property in general and in the field of patents in particular, as she has practiced in this field for more than ten years in a number of Arab countries, including KSA, Kuwait and Egypt, and at the present time, Enas manages Egypt branch and holds the position of Deputy Director of the Patents and Industrial Designs Department.

Mr Abdul Qader Taha

Legal Affairs Department

Mr Abdul Qader Taha graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Khartoum and practiced law for the first time in 1994, then joined the office of Dr Saud Al-Shawaf in 1998 to start a new journey of achievement in the fields of intellectual property, and today Mr Abdul Qader has devoted himself to legal advice, legal counselling to clients and supervision of intellectual property protection strategies in various fields.

Mr Al-Rasheed Abd-Allah Omar Hamad

Legal Affairs Department

Mr Al-Rasheed Abd-Allah graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Khartoum and then gained a vast amount of practical expertise over twenty-five years spent working in the field of advisory and legal services, becoming fully aware of all legal systems in Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Prior to joining the Legal Department of Baianat Intellectual Property Company, he worked for several local and regional law offices and firms, including SMAS Intellectual Property Company – the Legal Department of Saudi Telecom Company – and Dr Ahmed bin Hazeem BSA in cooperation with ALF Office, and his expertise in the legal field included various fields of civil, criminal, commercial, labour, intellectual property, communications and information technology.

Mr Waleed Al-Otaibi

Human Resources Department

Mr Waleed Al-Otaibi handles the Human Resources Department, supervises the hiring and follow-up of employees and communicates effectively with them to overcome any obstacles to their careers, as well as reviewing the latest developments in the work, social insurance and residency regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help the institution form the best work system in the Kingdom, and thanks to his practical experience of five years in the field of human resources management at intellectual property and law firms, and he has previously worked in more than one company specialized in the fields of intellectual property, including Saud Al-Shawaf Office and SMAS Intellectual Property Company.

Mr Monty Villavicencio

Information Systems Analyst

Mr Montiy designs the programs used to record personal data related to customers, monitor their material transactions and follow up on developments in their cases, and he also intervenes quickly to solve problems that arise in the information system, as the systems analyst is one of the specialists in the field of information systems, and his role is summarized in developing systems through surveying, identifying problems and planning in order to reach appropriate solutions with the selection of the appropriate software or system to solve problems, and one of the tasks entrusted to the systems analyst is also to coordinate the software development process So that it copes with business needs.

Mr Mohamed Ragheb

Business Development Manager

Mr Mohamed Ragheb began his career in this field in 2010 and has up to five years of experience in management and strengthening relations with major customers as well as activating and developing the marketing and sales orientation, and the Director of Development and Marketing is considered the main responsible for developing plans that centres mainly around achieving the financial benefits of the company, and he is also entrusted with the implementation of business development activities in various sections such as marketing, sales, management, supply and product management, and one of the tasks assigned to it is also the consolidation of relations throw across networks, negotiating partnerships, and developing cost-saving collaboration strategies.

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