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Trademark definition in Intellectual property

A brand is a set of letters, words, sounds, or designs that distinguish a company’s goods or services from those of other companies in the market. The brand is unique. It is important for the company because, over time, the brand comes into position not only for the actual goods and services it sells but also for the reputation of the company and the brand.

Brand theft

Brand theft is an activity whereby a person acquires or appropriates the electronic identity of another entity to acquire the trademark share of a person or company. The mark is usually stolen indirectly.

A brand thief might try to use his target’s reputation and success. These reasons may not be directly financial, but the consequences may include financial losses, usually for the original owner of the mark. And it may lead to a loss in its sales or a decrease in the price of its shares.

Avoid brand theft

The process of avoiding trademark theft includes:

  • Preventive registration of brand names and sub-brands
  • Constant attention
  • Use social and public media trademark monitoring tools to gather evidence of infringement
  • Take the necessary legal measures against those responsible for the infringement

Baianat office for worldwide trademark watch service enables its clients to avoid the theft of their trademarks by ensuring that they are monitored and protected.

Trademark monitoring service

Trademark monitoring service is very important. It consists of monitoring trademark registration files from pre-defined jurisdictions around the world. Baianat office provides trademark control services and employs the best lawyers. Those who evaluate whether the customer’s trade name, trademark, and everything related to intellectual property are used in specific jurisdictions.

The trademark monitoring experts at baianat operate on a world-class level, providing high-quality services to the world’s leading companies. Our experts help their clients avoid misuse or infringement of their trademarks by third parties. Our comprehensive package of services protects the intellectual property rights and trademarks of any company.

intellectual property rights

Intellectual property is defined as a right owned by a certain entity for the creative works of thought that it has reached as Inventions, symbols, industrial models, pictures, artistic and literary works, symbols, and names that you produce or author, or transfer to their owners at a later time.

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Types of intellectual property rights

This calls for the protection of property from theft, fraud, and forgery, Types:

Intellectual property includes industrial property and copyright. Industrial property, in turn, includes inventions, trademarks, industrial models, drawings, and distinctive marks of origin. Providing a trademark monitoring service is essential following trademark registration. This enables the client to be aware of potential market risks that may conflict with the uniqueness of the intellectual property.

worldwide trademark watch service

Baianat provides a worldwide trademark watch service to its customers by maintaining their signs of infringement by others, as the local market is constantly searching for signs that are similar to those marks of our customers, which can be carried out by other people to exploit the reputation of those signs.

If there is evidence of any transgression, recommendations are made and what must be done to protect the brand from infringement and violation and follow-up of this with the relevant authorities.

Trademark watch notices

The brand, or according to what the commercial custom calls a logo or Logo, is considered one of the most important elements of success and marketing for any company with customers and customers in the markets and through social media and the Internet. It is the important thing that will make the confidence of customers and customers big and stick to their minds without pronouncing the name of the company itself.

We serve the guidance of our customers and guide them for the success of their commercial reputation, and therefore we put in their hands some important foundations and advice in choosing their brands.

1- Choose a sign, logo, or unique and unique logo to be distinguished in the market from your competitors.

2- Choose a simple and expressive symbol of the company’s activity

3- Use attractive colors suitable for the market and the product that you target and do not abound, as many colors are at odds.

4- If you are targeting the children’s sector, use bright and joyful colors.

5- If you target men, use high-end and mysterious colors, such as black, brown, and gray.

6- If you target women, use these bright and attractive colors such as red

7- Use a simple logo and do not make it full of details.

Baianat Trademark Watch services

Our experts enable you to detect violations early because they usually lead to damage to the reputation of companies and a great loss in the transaction numbers of the affected company. In the Baianat office, we provide our clients with several types of trademark control services, including:

  • Identical: This type defines the control of trademarks that are visually or phonetically identical to an original mark. Our intellectual property specialists will address marks that directly infringe on our client’s legally registered trademark.
  • Similar: This offer helps you identify brands that are confusingly similar to your original brand.

Our experts target marks that indirectly violate our customers’ original marks.

With the help of technology and the expertise of the staff at Baianat, we will prove to our clients that our trademark monitoring service is of utmost importance. Among the services we provide:

  • Protection of the trademark and protection of intellectual property assets. A trademark control service can help prevent lost revenue, protect businesses’ and customers’ intellectual property rights, and prevent others from violating those rights.
  • Enable our clients to closely monitor competitors and monitor new sectors and industries that they are experiencing for the first time.
  • The specialists working in our office will provide you with useful information and adjust your business strategies accordingly.

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