Do you seek to maximize and protect your intangible assets? it isn’t a big deal anymore; Baianat IP will assist you in protecting your business from infringement, through a set of IP legal services by which you can register your idea, technology, design, or artwork through respective trademark, patent or copyright.

IP legal services can also, help you generate revenue and provide a return on investment in R&D. Developing effective IP protection strategies involves a range of IP protection options where you may seek to register a design and develop a branding strategy based on a registered trademark or even patent protection for your product.

Using a range of IP Legal Services, gives you layers of protection and strengthens your business in the marketplace, and this is where our role in Baianat IP boils down to adopting a strategy to protect your IP, that will be integrated into your overall business plan.

Features of IP Legal services:

  • With 50+ years of accumulated IP legal services experience and a network of exceptional IP experts and external associates, Baianat IPdelivers comprehensive, practical IP legal advice and modelling that focuses on maximizing and protecting your intellectual property assets and growing your company’s presence and market share.
  • Our IP Legal services cover a wide range of issues. Our IP consulting services are all adapted to your organization’s strategy so you can reach IP excellence.
  • Global IP legal Services were formed to leverage globalization; so if your IP portfolio is managed by multiple firms or IP services providers you can manage everything in one place and save your time, money, and effort. Our Global IP services provide an online management tool tailored to your need.
  • Baiant IP is considered one of the best IP legal services companies for your multidisciplinary approach. our strategy combines our intellectual property experience and our high-quality, creative legal solutions in IP transactions. Our intellectual property approach represents customers throughout the MENA region & Turkey. Our IP legal services cover a wide range of scopes.

Our practice areas of IP Legal services:

IP legal services are important for securing your business and giving it competitive dimensions. we offer our clients a one-stop shop for all IP legal services that their businesses need, including:

At the very core of exclusive IP Legal rights under the Saudi practices act lies the right to stop others from exploiting the rights commercially and to ask for compensation if infringement nonetheless occurs.

If a third party infringes on one of your IP rights, it is essential to have an IP company that has in-house access to some of the most skilled experts in IP legal services, who know every inch of the matter at hand – and who can understand your area of business.

Our attorneys who are experienced in litigation can provide you with expert opinions when IP infringement rights are suspected. Our expert opinions are objective conclusions formed by a team consisting of attorneys-at-law, and technical experts.

Resolving community disputes, addressing the interests of different parties in bargaining situations, resolving contractual disputes between management and labour, and settling litigated claims through court-annexed programs are all functions of arbitration which is a core part of the IP legal services.

There are three types of arbitration, contractual arbitration, judicial arbitration or by stipulation. parties to arbitration enjoy free reign to determine the structure and procedure of the proceedings.

Baianat IP offers one of the region’s leading international arbitration practices. Our team members are able to conduct complex arbitrations in different languages and are admitted to practice in all of the key jurisdictions, including the Middle East and North Africa (MENA Region).

In a world lack of security protecting your own things, protecting your IP legal rights become a must. companies can help limit and prevent injury from fake goods by incorporating anti-counterfeit product protection.

Counterfeiting can cause severe reputational damage to your brand, Our team is able to put you in the best possible position to enforce your rights against counterfeiters. Baianat IP services company is recognized as one of the most successful teams in the region, we work around the clock with our clients to minimize their risk of infringement. In order to fight counterfeiting locally and regionally.

Is one of the IP legal services that you might face once or twice in your life, where plenty of times when people need to get a file or documents like Immigration paperwork, Legal texts, Contracts and other official papers, translated from their original language to the targeted language.

Having a legal document that is badly translated could lead to legal issues, so getting an IP legal company for your legal translation services will be one of your best options, which will give you a professional, cost-effective and timely experience without the risk of bad translation quality.

Legal translation is one of the IP legal services that we are proud to provide you with. Accumulated years of experience that enable us to provide now high-quality medical and software translation as well as legal and financial translation. The quality of translation is our main concern with the help of our enthusiastic and highly qualified staff. So if you want your legal translation to be done in high quality and cost-effective manner never hesitate to contact us.

In the age of globalisation, interests are rarely to be in one place, you might get an education, get married and work in different states and maybe in different countries; all of this requires legalizing and sometimes translating related documents before the competent authorities.

In case you are having an international affair, Governmental institutions do not accept official documents from a foreign Country unless the documents are legalized by the country that issued them, and here the role of IP legal services is magnified.

Legalization is considered to be one of the IP legal services lengthy procedures that need to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but don’t worry all you need is to contact us, with years of experience in international affairs, and with our vast governmental connections all over the world, our experienced team, especially in Legalization & Notarization, will be as quick as efficient to get the work done as soon as possible.