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Brand of companies is exposed to counterfeiting so brand protection services are arisen to protect the intellectual property of companies.

Baianat Ip will assist companies in safeguarding their brand through variegated services for brand protection.

Brand protection services

Counterfeiting affects companies’ trust and name with their customers as this infringement leads to decreasing brand quilty and income.

So arising of brand protection services which include:

1- First and vital step, is the registration of the brand of the company to obtain the right of the brand.

2-Validation of the products or services, these days, could be done through a QR or a label for the product.

3- Detection of the infringement points and this is done through brand protection companies.

4- prosecution and removal of this piracy.

5- Reporting and informing the intellectual property status.

Companies have to conduct all steps of brand protection services to protect their brands and inconsequence their reputation and trust.

Baianat brand protection company could assist companies in achieving that.

Brand protection examples

Technologies and new communications of the internet need Brand protection software:

  • Keyword scan

There is a list of specific keywords used on the web platform through this counterfeiting is occurring so as a brand protection service there are programming bots that scan and clean these keywords list and also risk websites.

  • Image identification

It is software for scanning images online like photos and object recognition.

  • Machine learning

It is a system of the neural net that is interconnected processes to identify patterns and interconnections in a data that allow the brand protection services to be updated so more efficient protection.

When it detects counterfeiting of new characteristic keywords or images, it will be placed in a review file for rejection or acceptance.

This relevant software will increase the efficiency of photo recognition and keyword scanning.

  • Applying SERP features

Which means search engine results pages when audiences are searching for the brand on the web also named Brand SERP.

Brand SERP should be accurate and persuasive to make a positive brand decision.

So the need for tracking, evaluating, and enhancing brand SERP.

  • Social media marketing and SEO strategy of the brand

This step is important as counterfeiters also exist on social media and can confuse consumers with fake accounts so through social media companies could increase adherence with their consumers.

  • Brand content

Should be attractive for audiences and unique from the brand data and specific information.

  • Smart user experience (UX) for a website.
  • Examples of brand protection software in 2022 that will help companies to manage the online pieces of information of their products and services through product information management software (PAM) like:

Adthena, Prisync, Price2spy, Pricespider, Redpoints, Tgndata, Wisersolutions, Trackstreet MAP compliance software, and Datatweave, are the top software and there is more software, companies can ask for.

Companies will save time and money by the administration of brand protection Baianat there are specialists who can assist with online brand protection services.

How companies could protect their brand name?

Companies could protect their brand name through a brand protection strategy to decrease the chance of product thieving.

Brand protection measures

1- Prevention

  • Registration of brand intellectual property with the assistance of the brand protection company as in Baianat.
  • Managing and controlling sensitive information of the brand with external shareholders through an NDA agreement also need a company like Baianat.

2- Monitoring

  • Through consumer engagement with the brand.
  • Through monitoring channels.
  • Through online.

3- Reaction

  • Through the anti-counterfeiting unit and with the assistance of the brand protection company as in Baianat.
  • To counter the counterfeiting through detection, according to EUIPO this is categorized as electronic, chemical, physical, mechanical, marking, and technology.
  • Applying supply chain integrity and security.
  • Covert and overt security systems should be applied.

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trademark watch service definition

Brand protection goals

1- Protecting the IP of the brand.

2- Appreciation for trademarks and copyrights.

3- Protecting the quality and revenue of the brand.

4- Anti-counterfeiting.

Baianat brand protection company will assist companies through brand protection services in line with Saudi Arabia’s guidelines.

Trademark brand protection

Brand refers to a service or product different from others where a particular company is the only one manufacturing it giving this brand a name.

Trademark is a word, symbol, or design that defines a specific product or service.

Trademarks resemble the copyright but it is about the protection of names and titles that identify the product or the service (brand).

Brand protection services also protect trademarks from counterfeiting which leads to intellectual property infringement.

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Conditions for the trademark :

1- Have to be unique, and legal.

2- Needs protection from counterfeiting.

3- Strong trademark will protect it from thieve.

Protection of trademark :

1- Registration renewal every five or ten years through paying to USPTO.

2- Correct sign of trademark where there are three signs:

  • A common law trademark (™ )
  • A common law service trademark (SM)
  • A federal trademark ®

When registration is done with USPTO the mark owner company will have a certificate of it with an expiration date at this date the owner has to confirm that the mark is in use.

3- Trade dress and this through choosing a unique, attractive shape of the brand and this help to protect the brand from counterfeiting where the consumer will identify the shape of the original brand.

4- Protection is done according to state common law and federal law.

Baianat will assist with all processes of trademark brand protection in line with USPTO in connection with all steps of brand protection services.

Brand protection company

It will assist companies in all steps of brand protection services which include:

1- Registration of the brand and the trademark.

2- Advising and informing companies about what anticounterfeiting strategy should follow.

3- Investigation of the market for competitors of resembling brands and advising about points where there will be an abuse of the intellectual property integrity.

4- Investigation of online counterfeiters through technology applications and pages.

Companies can find well-trained investigators and a team of brand protection specialists for brand protection services with Baianat.

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