Art Copyright Infringement Examples


It is interpreted as unauthorized. Copyright holder or distribution of materials protected by copyright: music, books, programs, films, etc. In most countries, the right to own intellectual property is protected by law.

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What is hacking and counterfeiting?


Violations of publishing rights may be expressed in the concepts of “forgery” and “piracy” (false, but in relation to intellectual property rights). This, of course, is an offence, based on the use of works of art, science and literature that are under the protection of copyright, without the permission of the author or related copyright holder, and also includes a violation of a number of conditions specified in the agreement on the use of specific works.


Main types of copyright infringement

Most often the following illegal actions are identified in their relationship:

Copies (copies of books, records, etc.);

Distribution of work (rental, sale, etc.);

Public demonstration

General performance of concert halls, theatres, etc.;

Broadcast on radio, television, etc.;

Translation of work into other languages;

Processing treatment (plagiarism).

In practice, the types of violations derived from copyright, so to speak, “keep up with the times.” In pursuit of their physical enrichment, scammers invent not an original idea, but a unique way to allocate copyright to it.

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Copyright Infringement Definition

Art Copyright Infringement Examples .. Copyright Infringement Definition 

Types of copyright infringement

In the application of the prevailing law, law enforcement and judicial practice determine the extent of the infringement, as a general rule, by the right holder. In this regard, the Court will consider any action that it does not like, or considers an impediment to obtaining surplus profits, without prejudice to the appropriate decision regarding the offender’s participation (or non-participation) in a particular liability.

Causes of piracy

First, it’s more cost-profitable, a way to make a profit compared to the cost of a licensed source.

Many modern technologies have turned the process of copying information into cheap and cheap trade.


  • In the past, legal manufacturers were Natural protection: technical advantage and size effect. Anyone can write the material manually or write it on the typewriter, however, the quality and cost of this version will be much lower than the original versions.
  • So far, everything has changed dramatically. For example, a standard set of office equipment (printer, link and computer) would make it possible to perform symmetry in fibre book prints, while their cost would be equal to the market price. It is the prospect of excess profits – the root cause of piracy.
  • It is usually common in countries where per capita income is very low. Therefore, the main reason for piracy in these countries is the bankruptcy of the population (the price of counterfeit goods is much lower than the cost of legal products).


The difference between “piracy” and plagiarism

It consists of setting goals. As for “piracy”, the perpetrator seeks as much material gain as possible without paying attention to the moral and legal aspect of the crime.

In case of plagiarism, he has another goal — recognition by the target audience of his work (unauthorized borrowed from the current author). Along with this desire, as a rule, there is also a commercial benefit.

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What is fraught with copyright infringement ?

This phenomenon is very common now. Time. If this subject does not receive official authorization to use someone else’s material, we can say that there is a classic copyright violation. Under Russian law, civil and public liability is provided for this purpose.


Copyright infringement

General liability for copyright infringement is expressed through punishment by the State in the form of fines, confiscation of property or other measures.


Legal aspect of copyright protection

In our country, it is provided by law from 9Julio 1993 N 5351-1 “On copyright and adjacent rights”, more precisely, section V – “Protection of copyright and adjacent rights”, which contains three articles on the subject (48, 49, 50).

Thus, article 48 provides for the Copyright Infringement Act, which contains the following information:

  • with respect to proceedings leading to criminal, administrative and civil liability.
  • The fact that failure to comply with the requirements of the above law and legal, individuals recognized as violators.
  • Regarding deciphering copying audio recordings and fake works.

What is the most common way to protect copyright?

Of course, this is compensation for damage. Reparation for copyright infringement is an alternative method of protection compared to recovery of damages. In other words, the right-holder is entitled to claim compensation or compensation.

However, it should be borne in mind that the accuracy of the amount of loss calculated in the case of copyright infringement is difficult to confirm for a number of reasons.

As for the recovery of compensation, there is no need to prove its size, making the protection of copyright much easier and simpler.

Copyright infringement content

It depends on their type. As a general rule, claims are usually divided into property and non-property, however, based on copyright characteristics, it is difficult to distinguish between a particular writer’s interests according to this principle and, therefore, are often grouped into a single process.

The type of ownership other than the following rights :


On behalf of


recall and disseminate the work;

To protect the current reputation.

A copyright infringement claim can be sent to both courts and investigation and preliminary investigation bodies in this area.

A non-property claim may include the following requirements:


  • To Recognize Exclusive Rights (For Example, In the Recognition Of Joint Authorship);
  • To Create the Fact of The Defendant’s False Authorship.
  • Restore The Original Status of The Law (Before Violating It);
  • On The Suppression or Actual Violation of Acts That Constitute A Threat To The Future Violation Of The Right;
  • Publishing The Court’s Decision on The Violation Committed (At The Perpetrator’s Expense);
  • Compensation For Moral Damage.

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Types of intellectual property rights

A copyright violation claim may include the following requirements:

On the collection of fees (author’s fees);

  • Damage caused by infringement of copyright.
  • to recognize the incompetence of enrichment (submitted to the co-author, who unreasonably seized another person’s fees).
  • Hacking video as a clear example of copyright infringement.
  • This term is used to refer to illegal Distribution of copied material (TV shows, movies, etc.).
  • through discs, tapes as well as the Internet. Video hacking can be targeted at profit (selling fake products in stores, booths, etc.) and in non-commercial results (sharing video production with friends, etc.).

In the first case, the pirated version of the film may appear long before the official release (for example, there were cases where the working version of the film, stolen from the film crew, was already on sale).

The quality of registration in this case may differ greatly from the quality of the licensed version, but this is not necessary at all.

In our country, video and audio hacking are the most common examples of copyright infringement , but they are not the only ones.

There are idiosyncratic terminology in the form of shortcuts added to the main file names indicating the type of version created.

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