Trademark Search In Saudi Arabia “tm check”

Inquiries about trademark search in Saudi Arabia to obtain a new trade name, as there are many owners of new companies who are looking for distinctive names for the company, provided that it is not registered in the Saudi Ministry of Commerce.

which makes them choose the name they want and then search for the trade names registered in The Ministry of Commerce, for this we will learn more about inquiring about trade names in Saudi Arabia.

Trademark in Saudi Arabia

The trademark search in Saudi Arabia tm check belongs to the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and is a special system for defining the words and phrases of trademarks, as well as the procedures for registering trademarks, the duration of trademark protection.

the way to register a trademark, transfer its ownership, mortgage or seize it, and others. This system also contributes to regulating the mechanism of contracts Licensing, collective marks, control marks, marks of public benefit bodies and professional institutions, delegating rights, penalties and final provisions.

Trademark Registration In Saudia Arabia

The trademark register at the Ministry is considered to be registered in all trademarks that have been registered, as well as notifications of assignment of ownership, transfer, mortgage, seizure, or license to complete, renew or write off, and collect data provided for in the executive regulations, and there are a number of categories that fall under the trademark system. The new commercial businesses that must be taken into consideration to obtain the approval of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce are as follows:

  • Commercial services category.
  • General service category.
  • Eligibility category.
  • commercial category.
  • Athlete category.
  • agricultural category.
  • medical class.
  • medical category.
  • global class.
  • clutch class.
  • ltd class.
  • Decoration category.
  • Accommodation and exhibition organization category.
  • Debt collection category.
  • Collectible class boards.
  • Meal class.
  • Information Technology category.
  • Electronics maintenance class.
  • Car maintenance class.
  • Equipment maintenance category.
  • drug class.
  • Gents Tailoring category.
  • Women’s sewing class.
  • Advertising category.
  • glass class.
  • Ornamental category.
  • Category for decoration and upholstery.
  • class for cars.
  • industry category.
  • printable category.
  • real estate category.
  • class of chemicals.
  • Character category.
  • Contracting category.
  • clothing category.
  • Ready-to-wear category.
  • Carpentry class.
  • Category for copying and photography.
  • Category for publication and distribution.
  • A category for furnished apartments.
  • Tire category.
  • aluminum category.
  • category of agricultural production.
  • category for communication.
  • Information Technology category.
  • Category for financial advisory.
  • Category for cooling and conditioning.
  • training class.
  • category for modification.
  • Snow category.
  • Computer category.
  • Blacksmithing class.
  • haircut class.
  • category for baking.

Inquiry about trade names in Saudi Arabia

The trademark search in Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce made it possible to inquire about the trade names in the system of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, as the Saudi Ministry of Commerce will not accept any trade name that has a presence in the trade names system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so it is possible to inquire about trade names in Saudi Arabia.

  • Transition to electronic services.
  • Click on the Trade Names Inquiry tab.
  • After that, write the trade name you want to query and search for in the field designated for that.
  • Determine the search method (approximate search / matching search).
  • Then click on the search icon.
  • To get the results of the trade name you entered in the search icon.
  • Finally, a list of commercial names with some detailed information about them will appear before you.

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Establishing Companies In Saudi Arabia

How to reserve an available trade name

In the case of trademark search in Saudi Arabia an available trade name after inquiring about trade names through the ministry’s service, this name can be reserved through the official website of the ministry, as it provided a trade name reservation service that enables beneficiaries to submit requests for reservation of trade names and approval by specialists electronically, without the need to visit branches The Ministry of Commerce, with ease by following the steps as follows:

  • Click on e-services.
  • Click on the trade name reservation service.
  • Log in to the account by entering the username and password in the fields designated for that.
  • Click on my trade names.
  • After that, fill in the required fields and specify the type of reservation, Proposed – Special.
  • Click on the initial query icon.
  • After accepting the initial query request, the (send request) icon is pressed.
  • Now the verification and approval process will be carried out electronically by the competent employee, and in the event of refusal to reserve the trade name, the reasons for the rejection will be indicated.

Trademark law in Saudia Arabia

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment has made it possible to issue the commercial registration electronically without the need to visit the ministry, through a number of easy steps, and these services are considered among the most services that save time and effort for business owners, and this electronic orientation indicates the development of the ministry’s digital system, so it can Issuing a commercial register electronically by following the following:

  • Click on e-services.
  • Click on the trade name service.
  • Entering the service by typing all commercial data.
  • Click Confirm.
  • Pay the unified invoice that includes the commercial registration fees and the commercial group membership fees through the electronic payment system.
  • Wait until the commercial registration is issued electronically with your membership number in the Chamber of Commerce.

Bianat ip | Verify the validity of the commercial register

It is possible to verify the validity of the commercial registry in a number of simple steps that helps researchers to verify the validity of the data of the commercial registry for any commercial activity, through the informational service on the ministry’s website, which is the validation service of the commercial registry as follows:

  • Go directly to the website of the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.
  • Go to online services.
  • Choose Document Verification Service.
  • Select the service for which you want to verify the commercial register.
  • Enter the commercial registration number in the field designated for this.
  • Write the expiry date in the field provided for it.
  • Enter the visual verification code that will appear in the window.
  • Click on the Verify icon.
  • Then the log verification information will appear; If information about the owner of the commercial register appears, this confirms the validity of your commercial register, but if no information appears, this is sufficient evidence that the account is false.

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