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With the expansion of the global industry and the increasing competition, it sounds logical to start thinking about intellectual property protection and accordingly patent translation services.

When contesting in the global market, innovation is crucial, and all big enterprises know this. Patent protection helps you prevent items and idea theft and provide your company with a competitive edge.

Patents are territorial rights according to WIPO, which means that these exclusive rights are only applicable in the country in which a patent was registered and granted. So If you need to secure patent protection in foreign markets, you need to have your patent documents translated hence patent translation services.

In this article, we’re going to explore the unique field of patent translation services and help you obtain IP protection for your invention.

What is Patent Translation?

The translation of patent documentation into another language is what is called Patent translation. Patent documentation typically involves a lot of things like office actions, patent specifications, lawyers’ correspondence, and anything else required during the patent application and filing process.

Patent documents have a distinctive style of writing, which requires a highly skilled high language pair competence, in-depth understanding of legal terminology, deep knowledge of technical terms, and an experienced translator who is able to translate legal documents accurately and precisely and have industry-specific knowledge and understanding. One of the most demanding fields in translation is that of patent translation.

When Do You Need Patent Translation Services?

The demand for patent translation has increased worldwide According to WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization) companies spend nearly $1 billion annually on patent translation In 2014 alone over 76,000 U.S. 

If you want to obtain exclusive rights in a foreign country first you need to know that Every country has its patent system, and you will have to register them in that specific country. Your patent documents should be in the target country’s language, that is why you need patent translation services.

In lucky cases, you don’t need to translate your patent document if it’s documented in the same documentation language that the target country use for example if your document is in the English language you don’t need to translate it if you are going to use it in Canada, the United States, or India as the documentation language there is English accordingly this will help you reduce the cost while enjoying patent rights in several countries around the world.

On the other hand, you will not have protection from other big countries like China, Russia, or Latin America who don’t use English as a patent documentation language that s why you need to plan your patent application process. 

Another trick is to use one translation for multiple countries at once; if you use the Arabic language and you will cover the GULF region with one translation which will give your patent protection and hence your business a substantial competitive advantage.

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Difference Between The Utility Model And Patent Protection

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How much do patent translation services cost :

In addition to the patent translation, you will also handle a professional translator cost Most translators can handle about 2,000 words per day, without accounting for quality assurance measures such as proofreading. Translation costs represent a major budget for those who plan to get patent protection in more than one country.

The cost of translation varies by industry and on the average income of the country in question,  over price can also occur due to a lack of industry transparency.

Differences between filing and information translations :

There are two types of patent translation: patent translation for filing and patent translation for information. The main differences between them are their audience and purpose. And it is important to make the distinction to choose the right patent translation service.

patent translated for filing is the official record in the patent application process and the target audiences are patent officials, legal professionals, and patent licensees. This type of translation must be clear and concise with the least technical jargon possible and convey the meaning of the invention.

Patent translation for information is the legal proof in court proceedings for patents that have been filed. And it is used to learn the contents of already filed patents, and it should be close to the original as close as it could be.

Both patent translation services need a certified patent translator, so if you need a professional translation agency to help you in the patent filing process, Baianat IP will help you obtain your patent rights.

The Importance of high-quality Patent translation services: 

Patent translation services are very complex and a challenging task as low-quality patent translation can risk or slow down your entire patent filing process. it demand requires a perfect knowledge of both languages, subject matter expertise, and in-depth and perfect terminology knowledge.

Professional patent translation can provide your business with an accurate and fast solution, ensuring success with patent protection, while poor translation can lower their value. Some businesses end up hiring the wrong intellectual property agency for their patent translation services. 

More than 80% of respondents reported experience with incorrect patent translations; in a quarter of these cases, these errors stopped the innovation to receive patent protection.

Patent translation mistakes can lead to disastrous consequences such as:

  • Huge project delays
  • Increased expenses
  • Idea theft
  • Inaccurate patent information
  • Increased competition
  • Legal consequences
  • Ineligibility to obtain patent protection 
  • Financial loss

For all of those reasons, your patent translation services must be managed by a professional agency to build an international patent portfolio as the effects of a poor patent translation can be disastrous. 

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Art Copyright Infringement Examples

Types of intellectual property rights

Does patent translation ensures intellectual property rights protection?

In the age of the internet protection of the intellectual property is a top business priority. If an invention is secured within its country of origin, it doesn’t mean necessarily that it’s protected internationally. That’s why the translation of the patent helps to secure your rights in any other foreign country. company’s expansion potential may be limited without proper patent protection.

The importance of a professional  agency for your patent translation services:

  • Error-free:

You should hire a professional agency for your patent translation services if you want to make sure that it’s free of any mistakes or errors and that they are accurate and as close to the original one so you’ll minimize the risk of not obtaining IP protection, and Baianat can ensure it for you and your business will flow smoothly as we have a professional experience running this work.

  • Fast and reduce costs:

After the patent is approved there is not much time to waste so you need to achieve the patent translation and file for rights in a foreign country as fast as possible as can’t afford to waste any time that’s why you need a fast patent translation service.

Professional translation companies can provide results in the shortest amount of time and on reliable matters so you will be confident will perform your patent translation services. Hiring the wrong agency can do more harm to your expanses

  • High quality:

Hiring a professional agency for your patent translation services will save your time and money and ensure that your translation is accurate and similar to the original document so you don’t have to worry about rookie mistakes or damaged ability due to inadequate translation.

  • Increased ability to get patent:

Sometimes invention doesn’t receive a patent due to a translation mistake and therefore they cant receive protection that’s why it’s vital to hire a trusted and good reputable agency for your patent translation services who can grant you will receive your patent free of error delay.

Patent translation services and Baianat Ip:

You can be confident that your project will be handled by a team of experts, if you need help with patent translation services Baianat IP should be your first destination.

Baianat is a certified patent translation agency with proven and long experience in patent translation and IP services. Our global experts will gladly assist you in your patent filing process. Get in touch with us and get the benefit of our quick, and efficient processes.

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