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Novel copyright is one of the interesting subjects for authors, as without copyrights they have to choose between making a living or making art. Copyright is one of the practice areas of intellectual property law, that protects the original work of authors.


Novels or any sort of creative work including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture can be protected by copyrights if it obtained two conditions, originality (novelty) and the minimum amount of creativity.


so let’s discuss Novel copyright in detail with your step-by-step guide, but we need to define copyrights and Know who owns the novel copyright first?!!

What Does Novel copyright ownership mean?

As a novel copyright owner, you have the exclusive rights to create derivative, market, reproduce, publish, distribute and make a profit from your artwork and no other one will grant this right but you.


If someone tried to violate or make a profit from your work without your permission you have the right to sue him and claim infringement against him upon registering your copyright according to the U.S. copyright office.


Some people think that they have to post a copyright notice over their artwork or register it otherwise it will not be protected by the law, it’s just a myth about novel copyright and your text is fully protected and no one can steal your novel.

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Who owns the Novel copyright?

You need to know first that as soon as you put an idea into a fixed form, you own its copyright, whether it’s published or not unless the work was made for hire. Generally, in most countries with some exceptions copyright and any copyrighted material last for the life of the author plus an additional 70 years after he passed away.


The novel is some sort of creative work that might result from collaborative work, in this case, all the contributors will own the copyright. So what is novel copyright permission?


Copyright permission is a process of getting permission from the copyright owner to use the copyrighted material in whatever you have agreed to, Generally, the publisher is the copyright owner and has the authority to approve or refuse for reuse. This moves us to the next part, what is novel copyright infringement?


What Is The Novel Copyright Infringement?

The copyright laws are very strict considering infringement, as they gave the copyright owner a bundle of rights permitting him to sue anyone who infringes or violates his artwork. 

What’s Protected & Not Protected By Copyright Law?

The protected work by copyright law is:-

  • Literary works
  • musical works 
  • Architectural works
  • choreographic works 
  • Method of organization, commentary and analysis
  • characters and settings If a character is as fully developed 


The unprotected work by copyright law is:-

  • Titles, names, short phrases, slogans
  • Raw data 
  • list of information, such as phone numbers and addresses in a residential phone book, is not copyrightable.
  • Ideas, procedures, methods, concepts, principles, and discoveries
  • A description, explanation, treatment, summary or illustration of any of these is copyrightable work, but not the underlying concept


So novel titles can’t be copyrighted as it’s considered short slogans according to U.S. Copyright Office.

Can you sell copyrighted Novels?

Like any other property, intellectual property is an asset that can be inherited, licensed, sold, or transferred and this is applied to copyrights, patents, trademarks and all other forms of intellectual property. 


For copyright, you can for ex. license part of your copyrights or all of it in accordance with your financial regulations. So if you want to get a right for a novel you can call the author and negotiate with him. 

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What Is The Web Novel Copyright?

In simple words, web novels are online published novels, whether it’s free or need to be purchased to read and in most cases, they are serialised, which means the author publishes the story in instalments usually released on a schedule. You can publish your web novel through simple steps:-

  1. Go over to
  2. Settings
  3. Update your settings and personal information
  4. Start writing

Webnovel will search through your novel chapters to check for any unsuitable content and they will be published. since Webnovel takes control, the highest percentage of the profit goes to them. Also, the author loses most of the control, which means the Webnovel can fire the author and hire another one.


Is a copyright notice required?

The copyright notice is composed of three parts.

  1. © or Copyright.
  2. Year of publication.
  3. Name of the novel copyright owner.

“All Rights Reserved” is an important phrase to add because it’s required in some foreign countries. Adding a copyright notice is not technical, but put it near the front of your book, just to stop anyone who is thinking of infringing your novel.


Are Novel copyrights transferable?

You can transfer the whole novel copyright, but it’s not common, most writers grant licenses, which is a right to use only and the author still retains actual ownership of the copyrighted novel. Novel copyright licenses may be:-


  • Exclusive or non-exclusive.
  • Worldwide or geographically restricted. 
  • Short-term or perpetual.
  • Royalty-free or royalty-paying.
  • Limited to particular media. 


You need to know that you can terminate your licence as soon as the licensee fails to make the job he is meant to do, but first, you need to hire an experienced and professional intellectual property lawyer to tell you the exact procedures to terminate the novel copyright license. 


Thanks to the new copyright law, you can terminate your license after 35 years, which was intended to benefit novel copyright owners who had to sell their art for a few dollars and it worth millions, there are a lot of examples that we can mention like superman, his owner spent years in courts trying to share the profit.

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Is Novel copyright international?

Novel copyright is not an international right, its restricted to country borders, as each country has its own roles considering copyrights. However, many countries have signed international treaties to facilitate procedures and bridge the gap of legal variation between countries and establish a unified procedural legal framework.


How much does a novel copyright cost?

Once you have put your ideas together in a physical form and written it, you automatically own the copyright for it and it’s completely free.


 For extra-legal benefits like registering your novel copyright you can pay around a 45$ fee for electronic registration and 65$ for standard application with the U.S. Copyright Office and of course, it’s a changeable fee depending on the country where you are registering your novel copyright.

Baianat IP and Novel copyright

Any work can be copied easily, which creates the need for copyright to defend your original artwork against infringement, and to guarantee your rights of creation. 


Our team in Baianat IP has extensive knowledge of how to register copyright and protect them. We can also  represent our clients in disputes over copyright infringement, Our scope of work includes:

  • Drafting copyright and related contracts.
  • Registration and prosecution.
  • Litigation and enforcement.
  • Acquisition and assignment.
  • Licensing.

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