Importance Of Copyright In Business

Theft is not limited to stealing money and material things only, but it also extends to other matters that may be more important. In a material form called a “work” such as a book, painting, statue, tape, CD, and other types of works, which makes the violation of copyright an illegal act that puts the infringer in the circle of legal accountability.

lists of copyright

In legislation it is not usually possible to find complete lists of copyrighted works.

But here are, in general, common works protected by copyright around the world:

Literary works such as novels, poems, plays, reference works and newspaper articles.

  • computer software and databases.
  • films, musical pieces and choreography.
  • artistic works such as oil paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures.
  • architecture works.
  • advertisements, geographical maps and technical drawings.

Copyright protection covers expressions and not ideas, procedures, working methods, or mathematical concepts per se. Copyright protection may or may not be available for a number of subjects such as titles, short sentences or logos, depending on the degree to which they contain an element of paternity.

What is Copyright

Copyright is a legal term describing the rights granted to creators with respect to their literary and artistic works. Copyright covers a wide range of works, from books, music, oil paintings, sculptures and films to computer programs, databases, advertisements, geographical maps and technical drawings.

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Rights Granted By Copyright

There are two types of rights granted under copyright

Economic rights, which enable the holder to reap financial returns from the use of his works by others.

and moral rights, which protect the author’s non-economic interests.

Most copyright laws provide that the rights holder has the economic right to authorize or prohibit certain uses in connection with a work or to receive, in some cases, a reward for the use of his work (eg through collective management). The holder of economic rights associated with a work may prohibit or authorize the following acts:

  • Reproduction of the work in various formats such as print publication or audio recording;
  • performing the work in front of the public, as in plays or as musical works;
  • making recordings of it on CDs or DVDs, for example:
  1. broadcast by radio, cable or satellite.
  2. translating it into other languages.
  3. Transforming it from a novel to a movie, for example.

Examples of widely recognized moral rights include the right to claim paternity of the work, and the right to object to changes to the work that may harm the creator’s reputation.

Importance of copyright in research

importance of copyright international business

In most countries, based on the Berne Convention, copyright protection is acquired automatically without the need for registration or other procedures.

  • However, in most countries there is a system that enables the voluntary registration of works. These voluntary registration systems can help resolve disputes over ownership or creativity, and facilitate financial transactions, sales, assignments and/or transfers.
  • Please note that WIPO does not provide a copyright registration system or a searchable database for copyright information. Learn more about copyright registration and documentation systems.

These literary rights are the right to attribute the work to its author by mentioning his name on each copy of it, the right to decide to publish the work and determine the method for that, the right to object to copying, printing, quoting, modifying or summarizing it, and the right to object to any modification to the work and to prevent any deletion or change or addition, distortion, distortion or any other prejudice to that work of any kind.

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Baianat ip – importance of copyright

The right to introduce what the author deems appropriate to modify or make any deletion to the work, and the right to withdraw it from circulation.

These literary rights are eternal for the author and do not accept assignment and do not fall by prescription and remain for their owner, and do not fall by granting the right to exploit the work in any form of exploitation, and these moral rights devolve to the author’s heirs, if he does not have an heir, it will go to the Ministry of Culture and Advertising.

As for the author’s financial rights over his work, they are represented in the right to exploit the work in any way, such as printing, publishing, translating and transmitting it to the public by any means possible, and all forms of material exploitation of the work in general.

The copyrights stipulated in the system are transferable in whole or in part, whether by inheritance or by legal disposal established in writing, and copyright protection extends to Saudi and non-Saudi authors. Exceptions The following uses of the work are considered legitimate without obtaining the consent of the copyright holders:

1- Copies for personal use.

2- Citing paragraphs from the work, provided that the citation is in line with custom, and to the extent justified by the desired goal, and provided that the source (the work) and the name of the author are mentioned, and this also applies to press extracts transmitted from newspapers and periodicals (Article 15/2 of the system).

The custom that has been established in the matter of citing from a work, is that the citation should be in the case of quoting the text in parentheses, and it is stipulated that what was quoted should be no more than six lines, and that the citation should be in the case of quotation with the meaning, within no more than half a page, with mentioning the name The work and the name of its author in both cases.

3- Using the workbook for educational purposes for clarification and within the limits of the desired goal, and photocopying one or two copies for public libraries or non-commercial documentation centers and on conditions…etc.

According to Article Eleven of the Executive Regulations of the Law, anyone who obtains an original copy of any intellectual work and exploits it, reproduces, sells or publishes a protected work, is considered a copyright infringer. If proven knowledge or negligence.

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