Financial Transactions Sector

Many financial services institutions believe that intellectual property rights are not relevant to their field of work, but in fact, there are many related intellectual property services in this area, where financial services have acquired an electronic character, requiring the search for successful and patented business systems or the development of a company’s own business system and where it needs to be protected by patents.

Our Services for financial services companies:

  • Brand management, where financial products marketing requires strategic brand management over a long time.
  • Patent registration of new business systems, sophisticated software and personal data protection techniques for customers
  • Copyright for websites, phone apps, financial services software or paid consulting
  • Financial and advisory services institutions usually have a large amount of business information for customers which needs to be legally protected under the rights of trade secrets.

Some of our most important clients in the chemical industry sector:

  • Refinitiv Financial Solutions
  • Standard chartered
  • Alinma Bank