Fashion & clothing Sector

The fashion industry is constantly evolving to create new styles and trends. Intellectual property is an essential element in the fashion trade, which is now worth millions of dollars, as it works to protect the designs of each brand, to enable fair competition between fashion houses. Because the production period of clothing specifically as the most important element in fashion is short, some advanced intellectual property services have been adopted that take into account the production period and all factors affecting the fashion industry.

Our services for the fashion sector:

  • Registration and management of trademarks and follow-up of filings of similar new brands, as the fashion industry is known for its frequent mimicry, so it requires active management.
  • Industrial designs, where most fashion designs such as clothing and accessories have a short productive period, so they are protected by industrial designs, to ensure fast registration.
  • Commercial Image recording, which preserves the visual appearance of packages such as shape, colour, texture, size, etc.
  • Copyright, where works of art in fashion such as jewellery and accessories are protected by copyright either to the designer or in favour of the brand.
  • Patents for technologies used in manufacturing, new materials that have never been used before in the fashion world or design patents.

Some of our most important clients in the fashion sector:

  • Al-Theyab Commercial Company
  • Ajlan & Brothers company
  • The Polo Lorraine Company
  • Nike Inc