Construction & Engineering Sector

Although the construction sector is considered one of the most important developed and mature industries, there is still a continuous development movement to improve efficiency and environmental sustainability, so the World Intellectual Property Organization has paid special attention to this sector to develop comprehensive protection of various aspects of intellectual property, and raise competitive efficiency at the local and global levels as well.

Our services in the field of construction and engineering:

  • Patents, including machinery, manufacturing materials, new material formulations, refurbishment technologies, etc.
  • Copyright to protect the designs and blueprints of the final plan development process for the product or building.
  • Registration of intellectual property rights for two or three-dimensional industrial designs that characterize the company.
  • Resolve collaborative development issues, and draft appropriate legal agreements to ensure fair ownership between companies.

Some of our most important clients in the engineering construction sector:

  • Al-Seif Company
  • Al Bawani Company