Communications and information technology sector

The telecommunications and information technology sector is concerned with modern electronic devices, networks, systems and everything related to communications means, the sector has witnessed an enormous technological revolution that has brought technological potential and means closer to different scales, Therefore, the registration of intellectual property rights in this sector is one of the most difficult and complex procedures, there is always more than one possible challenge between firms, so we do our best to support the global telecommunications and technology sector.

Our services to the telecommunications and information technology sector:

  • Patents for new hardware or software, or advanced solutions for basic systems.
  • Registration of utility forms, although it’s not approved in many countries, it is necessary in some exceptional cases, as it is considered the most expeditious alternative in registration procedures compared to patents.
  • Drafting and registration of copyright for information materials used to raise awareness or advertise products.
  • Managing brands both locally and internationally and covering all the requirements of being in global markets.

Some of our most important clients in the field of communications and technology:

  • Huawei Corporation
  • Oppo Mobile Telecommunications
  • Samsung Company