Chemical Industries Sector

Chemical industries are one of the most important productive sectors, which spend a massive amount to invest in research and development. Whether to improve existing products, develop new products or develop manufacturing mechanisms, On the other hand, work requires many licenses, such as manufacturing lines and some other elements of work, Therefore, the management of intellectual property in the chemical industry sector requires comprehensive expertise and know-how in industry routes and requirements.

Our Services for Chemical Industry Sector:

  • Patent registration of new products or manufacturing mechanisms.
  • Retention of industrial property rights for new industrial fees and patterns.
  • Regulation of contracts with other companies and drafting and registration of legal contracts.
  • Retention of copyright of marketing materials for new or amended products.
  • Securing intellectual property rights in other countries to create new markets for the product.

Some of our most important clients in the chemical industry sector:

  • Dow Chemicals Company
  • Al Jazeera Paints Company
  • Emirates Petroleum Group
  • Austin Reed Company