Banking Sector

Banks’ intellectual property strategy is an important tool for protecting current investments and excavation for projects worth investing in at present, banks are no longer limited to lending activities only, It has many huge investments that are bifurcated into different areas and sectors. and because our expertise extends to different investment sectors, we can develop integrated strategies to protect and enforce banks’ intellectual property rights and the banking sector in general.

Our services for the banking sector:

  • Patent services, whether creative patent registration or project patent screening provided funding and support to determine the usability of ideas.
  • Brand management services and private intellectual property portfolio.
  • Secure trade secrets, business information and internal systems of the bank.
  • Provide all legal services related to intellectual property issues.
  • Negotiation of domestic and international intellectual property disputes.

Some of our most important clients in the banking sector:

  • Al_Ahli Bank
  • Bank Albilad