Agricultural Sector

The importance of the agricultural sector is growing by the day, and the volume of investment in this sector has grown significantly over recent years, especially after its break from government support and the trend towards free investment. Here, the importance of intellectual property has emerged, for protecting the products of these massive investments, enabling investors to earn returns to offset development costs, and injecting more investment into the search for new ways and technologies.

Our Services for Agriculture Sector:

  • Develop and implement integrated strategies to protect the intellectual property of annual investments and new markets.
  • Registration and certification of the trademark within the mother State in other markets.
  • Monitoring new brand filings to prevent imitating or using your own brand.
  • Recording of geographical indicators and new plant varieties.
  • Protection of new or modified products under utility or patent forms.
  • Registration of new fees and industrial designs.

Some of our most important clients in the agriculture sector:

  • Bateel International LLC
  • Nadec Company