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Baianat Intellectual Property has a rich history of specialty in Intellectual Property since 1964.We built a global heritage that encompasses many milestones along the way by establishing more than 25 offices in a different 17 countries, this was all driven by the strength and success of our founders and esteemed clients.

Our Mission

We help our clients protect their business and intellectual property.

Diversified services with a goal-oriented approach to continue with our reputation as a leading firm in IP among the regional markets, through the delivery of comprehensive Intellectual Property services, we seek to develop deep, trusted relationships to produce extraordinary results.

Our mission is to partner rdc with the most talented and dynamic people who play a pivotal role in the future of Intellectual Property.

Our Values

Our values have been selected carefully.

To ensure the importance of our vision by being proactive, believing in being strategic and not reactive at everything we do.
Moreover, becoming a trusted partner to the next generation, of fast-growing ambitions business by exceeding their expectations for what adding value could be.

One-stop-shop for your business needs.

Developing effective IP protection strategies involves a range of IP protection options where you may seek to register a design and develop a branding strategy based on a registered trademark or even patent protection for your product.

People always seek protection, especially inventors who always aim to get an exclusive right granted for their inventions, which might be a process that offers a technical solution to a problem or even a product.

Corporate and commercial cases are one of the most thorny topics that require professional management, Just a little mistake can lead to a complete divert in the course of the company

Intellectual property rights refer to the legal and exclusive rights given to any inventor or creator to fully utilize his creation or invention and protect his rights for an exact period of time.

Trademark is considered to be one of incalculable value as it’s nothing less than their identity and brand in the market.

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No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

“With your Firm we have only had good experiences and it is a pleasure to work with you.”
Alejandra Aoun
“BAIANAT IP is one of our important and favourite oversea associates”
Mia Wu
“We, and of course our clients, are as ever extremely satisfied with your quality of services”
Max Vern
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