What is a patent in intellectual property ?


Patents play a vital role in everyday life as they encourage inventions and new technology, so what is a patent in intellectual property?


Have you ever wondered about the true value of inventions, It is not the profit for the inventor only but they can change the world also by saving a life or facilitating something by developing a new process. But you need to protect what you have invented to avoid misusing it, here comes the role of Baianat IP to support you with the whole patent services that you need. So let’s answer our question, what is a patent in intellectual property?!!. 

What is a patent in intellectual property?

The patent definition in intellectual property is the right given to inventors to have full authority over their inventions which might be a product, process or technical solution. The patent protection rights don’t last forever it’s limited to a certain period of time approximately 14 to 20 years from the filing date of the patent application.


Patents can provide an exclusive protection right to prevent others from exploiting the invention and avoid patent infringement. If someone applied for a patent for something that is not invented by him this might subject him to criminal penalties.


In other words, a Patented invention can’t be sold, marketed, used for commercial usage, distributed, imported or exported without the patent owner’s knowledge and permission. You need to put in mind that those exclusive rights are limited to the country where the patent has been filled and fulfilled so it’s a territorial right accordant with the laws of the country.

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What are the kinds of patents?

There are different types of patent protection so inventors can protect different kinds of inventions.

  • Utility patents: when you think about patents the first thing that comes to mind is a utility patent that is used for new machines, systems, technologies and processes. It requires you to give a complete and fully detailed explanation for how your invention is used, which makes it a little bit more complicated than other types of patent, and its the most expensive of the other types too, as it requires several steps and more inputs from an attorney since it passes through four testes which include Statutory-class test, Utility test, Novelty test and finally “Unobviousnesstest. Our patent experts in Baiant are familiar with all of these steps and know how to do it in a perfect way.
  • Design patent: this is a kind of patent that protects original, new and ornamental designs for an article of manufacture, so it protects how your invention looks. one of the famous examples of a design patent is the Coca-Cola container and which can’t be mimicked by another company so it gives you design patent protection. It is generally simpler, cheaper to file and more easily accepted by the PTO. To receive a design patent, your invention must be original and novel.
  • Plant patents: Not all people realize that plants have patent protection but yes, it’s true, anyone who discovers, invents or asexually reproduces a new species of plant can obtain plant patent protection right. It doesn’t cover genetically modified organisms and focuses on conventional horticulture.

After answering what is a patent in intellectual property, the different kinds of patents, and covering patent definition in general, let’s take a closer look at patents in entrepreneurship.

What is a patent in entrepreneurship?

For any business intellectual property rights are so crucial, especially for truly innovative and productive entities, Patent protection will give you complete support and guard your creative ideas and invention as an innovative entrepreneur and will defend your invention against infringement and exploitation. 


As we have mentioned before a patent can give you exclusive rights to stop others from the commercial use of your invention without your permission, which will allow you to keep competitors at bay. And a big advantage of patents is that they encourage start-ups and entrepreneurs as they provide a legally sanctioned one that bars entry to competitors. 


As an entrepreneur, you must keep in mind that to obtain a patent for a certain invention it has to be statutory, new, useful, and non_abvious.

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Examples of a patent in business

Forget about the classical image of a lonely inventor who is tinkering in his lab or workshop thinking about his invention, Nowadays, modern technologies and inventions are developed by a group of inventors and creative people who share their experiences and put them together to come out with something special. If more than one person participates in the creation of an invention, the law requires that all of them apply for a patent as joint inventors. 


The first recorded patent was awarded in the 15th century for a boat that transported marble that was invented by an Italian architect and designer. Since then, patents have been given to some of the more famous inventions that have affected our lives. Here is some patented invention that has added a lot to our lives and without them, we wouldn’t be in the world we are living in today.


  1. The Lightbulb. 
  2. The Internal Combustion Engine. 
  3. The Telephone.
  4. The Computer. 
  5. Bluetooth. 
  6. The Maglev. 
  7. The FireEye Malware System. 
  8. The Google PageRank.

Patent registration services in Baianat IP 

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