Saudi Arabia launches the National Intellectual Property Strategy

Within the framework of supporting the economy based on creativity and innovation, His Highness the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia launched the National Strategy for Intellectual Property to maximize intellectual property gains, achieve integration between the intellectual property system and other economic systems, and build an integrated national system for the knowledge economy.


Objectives of the National Intellectual Property Strategy: 

The main objective of the national intellectual property strategy revolves around creating a fertile environment conducive to the requirements and technologies of the advanced knowledge economy, which positively affects the national economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so the executive plan of the strategy clarified three integrated objectives: 

  • Developing creative individuals and enabling them to benefit from their skills and innovations. 
  • Guiding commercial establishments to the importance and effectiveness of intellectual property, and its impact on investment. 
  • Raising awareness of the aspects and benefits of intellectual property and leading society towards respect for creative rights. 

If the strategy targets the three main groups, innovators, investment establishments, consumers or members of society as a whole, what are the aspirations and axes of the strategy? 

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Main axes of the national IP strategy: 

The national strategy dealt with the study of four main axes on which the intellectual property system is based, and through which it ensures the interaction and participation of the three categories previously clarified, and the axes of the strategy are: 

  1. R&D, generate creative ideas and enhance competitiveness. 
  2. IP management strategies to support and improve its actual value.
  3. Strategies for exploiting IP outputs for practical applications. 
  4. Policies to protect intellectual property at the national level stimulate the economy. 

Before these integrated axes and the directed targeting, will the strategy succeed in supporting economic diversification and establishing its goals into reality, and what support services will it provide to people and establishments to create an ecosystem that is friendly to creativity and economic diversity?


What do you expect from the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property during the coming period? 

The efforts of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property are evident and clear in the achievements it has made over recent years, and it is still devoting its efforts to raising awareness of the intellectual property and developing laws and regulations in line with developments, and among the expected efforts of the Authority during the coming period: 

  • Preparing an integrated platform for all intellectual property services, linking institutions and government entities related to the registration and documentation of intellectual property rights instead of moving between more than one platform to complete the procedures. 
  • Enhancing support for innovative ideas, whether through national events and awards or launching a government platform to display innovative ideas for free after they are legally registered, that enables entrepreneurs to identify and benefit from them. 
  • Intensify awareness of the importance of intellectual property and its impact on the economy, and encourage various relevant practices, whether from individuals or commercial and investment enterprises. 
  • Calculating the return on investment (ROI) as a result of the exploitation of intellectual property rights, and disclosing statistics periodically. 

These proposals are still on the table, having been discussed during the National IP Strategy Workshop, and the Authority is expected to announce its adoption of these proposals respectively next year. 

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