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An International Trademark search is a crucial piece of the cycle. By this brand name search, we can uncover whether your proposed mark is fit for enrollment.

  • In the event that you don’t do a pursuit, you are applying for a brand name ‘blind’ and extensively increment the dangers of losing the recording expenses.
  • The global brand name search permits us to recognize the probability of your proposed mark being enrolled in view of the previous resistance from analysts and late case regulation.

To do international trademark search, we will expect from you a concise depiction of the great or administrations, along with your utilization inside your industry. This will help us when we choose the proper region to look for assurance under.

Trademark name search

Trademark search gives nitty gritty data on brand name search, which is expected to make your brand name is lawfully accessible and doing this before development, opening, consolidation or planning your logo is ideal.

Online trademark search

Online brand name search is significant in light of the fact that you want to decide if another business is now utilizing brand name that is indistinguishable or like the business or item name you need to utilize. Online brand name search and free brand name search can assist you in finding all data connected with reserving. Government brand name search can likewise help you in recording the bureaucratic brand name application.

TM-India gives the brand name search administrations all over the planet. To continue with brand name search in various nations of the world, kindly go through the underneath table.

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Trademark search for company name


It is possible to obtain protection for trademarks by registering. By depositing the appropriate application form with the Directorate of Commercial and Industrial Property Protection.

The trademark registration would ensure solid protection, especially in the event of a conflict with an identical or ambiguous mark. It is very useful to use the services of a trademark agent for the purposes of registering a trademark. In principle, the registered trademark is covered by protection. However, the first person to use the trademark can resort to the judiciary to prove his entitlement to this trademark by proving his priority in use.

Trademark search with registration number

Many people think that registering their company and its trade name in the commercial registry means that that name is automatically protected as a trademark as well.

This is a relatively common mistake and it is important to understand the difference between brand and brand names:

The trade name: It is the full name of the company, such as Dunya Trading Company. It identifies the company and the name often comes with the word “shareholding” or other similar words that indicate the legal character of the company.

As for the trademark: it is the sign that distinguishes the company’s product from the products of other companies.

A single company may own several trademarks, as the aforementioned company sells one of its products with a trademark

World Food.

The company may use a specific brand to know all its products or a specific group of products produced by the company.

Some companies may also use their trade name or part of it as a trademark, and in this case they should register the name as a trademark.

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In general, any person intending to use a trademark or wishing to enable another person to use it may request its registration. This person may be an individual or an institution. If the registration applicant is not residing in Syria, he must delegate a person residing there to be his representative in the registration transactions.

Is it necessary for the company to register its trademarks

Registration is not mandatory; however it is highly recommended because registration guarantees exclusive rights to prevent unauthorized use of the trademark.

What are the main reasons for rejecting the registration application?


When choosing a trademark, it is useful to know which categories of signs are usually not accepted for registration. Trademark registration applications are rejected for reasons usually referred to as absolute reasons in the following cases:

Type names: if the company chooses, for example, the word “chair” as a trademark for selling chairs, the mark will be rejected because the word chair is the name of the type of product.

Adjectives and Adjectives: These are the words commonly used in commerce to describe the product. For example, it is likely that the adjective “sweet” will be rejected as a sign of marketing a type of sweets. Enabling any confectionery maker to monopolize a sweetness in the marketing of his products is considered unfair or equitable. Likewise, it is likely that qualities such as “quick”, better, old or new, will raise similar objections unless they are contained in a mark that performs a distinguishing function. In those cases, it may be necessary to warn that the exclusive rights are not required for that part of the mark.

Deceptive Trademarks: Trademarks that are likely to mislead or deceive consumers regarding the nature, quality or geographical origin of the product. For example, he is likely to refuse to market any industrial vegetable fats with a trademark that is a drawing of a cow.

Because this is considered misleading to the consumer, who is likely to associate the brand with dairy and its derivatives (ie butter).

Marks that are considered to be in violation of public order and morals:

  • It is generally not allowed to register words and images that are contrary to the rules of morals and religion, which are accepted by all as trademarks.
  • Logos and flags of countries, international organizations, religious emblems and symbols of the Red Crescent and the Red Cross, as they are not allowed to be registered as trademarks.
  • It is not permissible to register marks that are identical or similar to symbols of a purely religious nature, names and holy places.

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Moreover, applications are rejected on “relative grounds” when the trademark conflicts with previous rights in it, because the presence of two identical (or very similar) trademarks for the same type of product may cause confusion for the consumer.

In the course of registration procedures, the Trademarks Department in Syria takes into account the search for any potential conflict with existing trademarks, including the unregistered well-known trademarks. Therefore, it is desirable to avoid the use of trademarks that may be considered similar to existing trademarks in a way that creates confusion.

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